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The ONE Platform

For a connected and seamless user experience

Unify your data with the ONE secure connected healthcare platform. It’s powered by APIs, data integration capabilities, and a suite of platform services and interoperable tools to enhance your existing applications and care delivery workflows.

The ONE Platform

For a connected and seamless user experience

Unify your data with the ONE secure connected healthcare platform. It’s powered by APIs, data integration capabilities, and a suite of platform services and interoperable tools to enhance your existing applications and care delivery workflows.

Introducing the ONE Platform

ONE aggregates and normalizes data from all your data sources (claims, clinical, labs, sensors etc.) and brings them into one unified patient record. Complete populations from multiple applications can now be accessed with a single data visualization layer resulting in superior patient outcomes and operational excellence. This is then powered by our algorithms for predictive analytics. It also allows you to deploy your own/other third party algorithms on top of it. With fewer portals and advanced analytics, we give you a new way to envision your workflows. Your data remains your own, your current platform–fully utilized.

Explore all that goes into the ONE Platform

Key Features

  • Data Aggregation – multiple sources and formats
  • Automated Data Extraction and Pipeline – data cleaning, normalization and uploads are done in the background
  • Healthcare Trained AI & Knowledge Graph
  • API Powered – so it can be easily integrated with existing systems and workflows
  • Multi-Tenant Platform – to put in the right controls and access
  • Customizable Visualization – you can even white-label the solutions
  • Fully Integrated (provider & payer workflows)



EMR and Eco-system Integration via Powerful APIs

The ONE Platform provides out of the box connectivity to EMRs, Claims, Payments, Rx, financial systems and any other source with structured or un-structured data. Our APIs can sync and ingest massive sums of structured and unstructured data directly from EMRs, data warehouses, labs, your current technology partners and your own proprietary sources. We do all of this within your existing infrastructure. We also power your data with external datasets. This includes nationwide data on SDOH, cost of care, readmissions, environmental impact, risk factors, etc.

Unstructured and structured data is seamlessly integrated and put to work

CloudMedx’s ability to derive meaning from unstructured data (doctor notes, discharge summaries, patient-reported outcomes etc.) provides visibility into your patient population even further and assists in automating 80% of the manual administrative work.

Some of the different formats in which we are receiving the data include: CCDA, FHIR, HL7, PDFs, XMLs, CSVs, JSON, RDF, USCDI, SCRIPT, CDISC. With CloudMedx, you can expect seamless integration and a significant upgrade to your current structure.



Automated data ingestion and workflows

The heart of The ONE Platform is our automation engine. It connects all the other facets, streamlining your data pipeline from extraction to management, and automating manual processes augmenting your IT and clinical staff. We offer a managed service powered by automation that does data extraction, normalization and management for you. This reduces FTE fatigue, limits data fragmentation, and allows your IT teams to focus on business demands and outcomes while significantly reducing your workloads and overall cost.

Example 1 – Structured Data Processing from multiple sources:

CloudMedx Automated Data Ingestion APIs process 5M+ data points every night. This represents nationwide data from 50 states, 4000 counties, 3000+ hospitals, 15,000 pharmacies, Medicare and other payers sources. The system performs ETL, normalization, and updates the ML models that power the visualization dashboards for C19 explorer (a Covid-19 dashboard) every night. All this happens through automation and AI with no human oversight.

Example 2 – Unstructured data processing from multiple sources:

CloudMedx’s NLP Engine automatically extracts key medical and non-medical terms from unstructured text to automate reporting for provider groups. Manually it takes 1 hour to complete 5 records, per person. With automation, it takes a minute to process 500+ records. In our deployments, we see a higher accuracy of extraction when compared to manual extraction.

To learn more about our automate engine, click here.


AI Brain – Continuously Learning

Gyrus, our AI brain provides what we call Aligned Intelligence™ to offer insights and predict outcomes. It consists of over a million nodes representing diseases, signs, symptoms, medications, procedures, SDOH, gender, income, demographic data extracted from clinical datasets. Gyrus is unique as it is built with the best of both worlds – medical literature and real-world data curated by machine learning. Gyrus is continuously learning and the data set is growing. With millions of records to learn from, it gives a good understanding of individual and population level risks and outcomes from nationwide data for every age group. Based on an individual’s medical and non-medical risk factors, Gyrus outputs a set of possible medical conditions, costs, readmission risk, best practice alerts, recommendations, gaps in care, procedure pricing and more.

Pre-trained Models

We have pre-trained models to predict adverse events. These include everything from survival risk prediction to readmission and length of stay predictions. We have models for chronic conditions as well as rare diseases. Target diseases include 20+ chronic conditions including diabetes, HTN, CHF, COPD, Asthma, CKD, musculoskeletal issues, cancer.

Our algorithms are validated by our partners that have published papers in journals that talk about the efficacy of CloudMedx AI. We have dozens of pre-trained models. Descriptions and whitepapers here.


Our suite of applications is the ‘cherry on top’ of The ONE Platform. Our Provider and Payer partners use them to modernize their workflows.

Operations Explorer: Workflow and Robotic Process Automation

• Automate workflows that allow staff to complete tasks in minutes vs weeks
• Automated command center for better communication between ED, ICU, lab, pharmacy, discharge, and other departments
• Surge prediction to assist with resource and staff planning (ED, ICU, Inpatient)
• Back office automation for prior-auth, pre-auth, and documentation

Click here for more details.

Clinical Explorer: Population Health & Care Coordination using Automation

• Rapid risk stratification to identify high risk patients early
• Rapid adjustment and coding
• Automated care coordination and engagement protocols to reduce workload on staff
• Omnichannel patient engagement (close gaps in care, CCM/TCM, and follow up)
• Remote patient monitoring to engage patients and gather device data for compliance and reporting

Click here for more details.

Financial Explorer: Cost Analytics and Quality Reporting

• Automate manual tasks to reduce burden on your staff for documentation and quality control
• Automate patient registry building that is required for quality reporting and compliance for COVID, Stroke, MSK, and other
value-based care requirements (MIPS, MACRA, HEDIS, etc.)
• Automated risk adjustment reduces workload on staff

Click here for more details.

Patient Explorer: Better Engagement via Outreach and Personalization

• Multichannel post discharge follow-ups (text, app, APIs, email, voice, call center)
• Managed solution and engagement for discharge planning and remote patient monitoring
• Access to price transparency leads to increased trust and better decision-making
• Improved medication adherence, care coordination, and scheduled follow ups

Click here for more details.


The ONE Platform’s automation and predictive analytics is transformative, improving operations, bottom line, quality of care and patient engagement.

Cost Reduction and Added Revenue

• Plan better by predicting adverse outcomes and plan next steps accordingly
• Capture additional revenue that limited resources could not help capture

Operational Excellence

• Complete tasks in minutes that would take weeks – via workflow and data automation
• Improved workflow and data flow via better communication and notification systems
• Improved resource planning via predictive analytics
• Improved IT throughput with a managed platform
• Realize ROI on existing systems with reduced data fragmentation

Better Patient Engagement

• Multichannel post discharge follow-ups
• Managed solution and engagement for RPM patients
• Access to price transparency leads to increased trust and better decision-making
• Personalized insights lead to better engagement
• Improved medication adherence through omni-channel engagement

Improved Quality of Care

• Freeing up staff from manual repetitive tasks allows providers to focus on patients
• Personalized insights help with providing better care for patients
• Engaged patients leads to better outcomes