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Simplifying Data to Enable Better Care

Our Mission

Turn vast amounts of information into critical insights that empower patients, providers, and payers.

Our Vision

Adapt data technology to simplify and increase access to healthcare for everyone.

Delivering Aligned Intelligence

At CloudMedx, we collect and convert disparate healthcare data into a holistic, actionable view of the individual. Our aligned approach is based on integrating with existing systems, becoming an intuitive extension of the way providers, payers, and even patients collaborate.

CloudMedx’s mission was born out of the near-death experience of the founder’s father as a result of a misdiagnosis. This was ultimately a symptom of an overrun system that does not function as well as it could. In order to deliver better, more accurate care, we decided to take an aligned approach; to unite healthcare across the continuum and benefit both patients, payers, and doctors.

By using data as our superpower instead of an obstacle, together we can fundamentally change the future of healthcare.

What We Do

We Align Intelligence to the 3 P’s in healthcare: Patients, Providers, and Payers using data, machine learning, and predictive analysis. Our deep learning platform is highly adaptable. We’re directing layers of data to empower patients, provide insights into complex health conditions, and anticipate critical resource needs. We’ve created an end-to-end solution that offers actionable foresight.

We are supporting the top hospitals and payers in the country by integrating natural language understanding (NLU) and deep learning with major EHRs and healthcare organizations nationwide.