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Podcast: How AI and Automation are Transforming Healthcare

Terms like Artificial Intelligence and automation tend to cause two reactions: trepidation or excitement. So, how is AI transforming the future of healthcare? On this episode, Sahar Arshad from CloudMedx joins the podcast to discuss the game-changing technology that’s transforming healthcare.

1- 1:24: CloudMedx’s origin story?

2- 4:57: What do we do?

3- 7:33: How do we use NLP?

4- 10:41: Do we see more risk in AI in future or more deep benefits with AI?

5- 15:43: Role and adoption of SDoH technology?

6- 19:47: What is SDoH Explorer?

7- 23:41: What do you feel CloudMedx’s biggest contribution impact will be for the healthcare ecosystem?