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Podcast | Health Data Automation for Improved Productivity and Better Care

We firmly believe that health data automation creates better healthcare. Our company’s data platform collects and organizes vast amounts of information from public and proprietary sources, including clinical, social, and economic insights. With powerful data visualizations, predictive analytics, interoperable tools, and a suite of application services, we provide unified patient records, unprecedented understandings of health data, and automated workflows, yielding superior outcomes.

Care to learn more? In this podcast, Sahar Arshad COO CloudMedx, shares information on how CloudMedx can help with healthcare staff shortages and burnout as it gets manual tasks like registry building, which would take hours, done in seconds.

She also shares how using patient data insights, CloudMedx strives to provide the right omnichannel engagement tools for care-at-home patients who need remote monitoring. And how large organizations are dealing with many new systems and tools, each with their use case, creating fragmented solutions for end-users.

Things You’ll Learn:

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