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CloudMedx in partnership with LiFe Konsulta to deploy largest healthcare AI system in the Philippines

SUNNYVALE, Calif.June 27, 2023 /– CloudMedx has partnered with LiFe Konsulta Network, a pioneering primary care provider network accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corp., to deploy the largest healthcare artificial intelligence system in the Philippines. The ceremonial signing took place on August 8, 2023 among CloudMedx CEO Tashfeen Suleman, CloudMedx COO Sahar Arshad, and LABX ASIA CEO Dr Jose Miguel Vergara.

The partnership between LiFe Konsulta Network and CloudMedx aims to provide a wide range of AI-enabled services such as first patient encounters, remote patient monitoring, navigation, triage, AI-enabled diagnostics and AI-enabled electronic medical records.

This will provide digital primary care services to 45 million Filipinos, which include around 28 million public school students, 15 million parents and 2 million teachers and staff.

Additional AI services that will be available to patients include patient sign-up and enrollment, data ingestion from multiple sources including claims, devices and medical records and AI automated workflows and analytics.

LABX Asia chief executive Dr. Jose Miguel Vergara underscored the importance of partnerships in achieving the goal of providing primary care to Filipino children.

“We look forward to collaborating with private and public hospitals, pharmaceutical chains, laboratory clinics, AI medical device manufacturers, and startups in the healthcare sector to revolutionize healthcare in the Philippines, making healthcare affordable to Filipinos,” said Vergara.

“Medical AI empowers our health professionals and improves patient outcomes,” said LiFe Konsulta Network founder Tom Navasero.

“By working with Filipino students, we can implement preventive medicine at an early age and pave the way for a transformative shift from sick-care to healthcare,” he said.

“We are excited about our partnership with CloudMedx. Through their integration of advanced technology and proactive measures, together, we have the potential to transform our nation’s healthcare landscape and foster a healthier future for all,” Navasero said.

“We are honored to partner with Team Life on their journey to improve healthcare in the Philippines. This model can also serve as a model for many other countries in the world,” said Tashfeen Suleman, the founder and CEO of CloudMedx.

“Furthermore, we believe that AI assisted technologies can help bridge the gap in the field of healthcare, improve patient outcomes, and foster a proactive healthcare environment in the Philippines,” he shared.

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