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CloudMedx builds LLMs To Solve the Five Biggest Challenges for AI in Healthcare

The CloudMedx platform has been adopted by major healthcare organizations, and is quickly adding new functionality

SUNNYVALE, Calif.June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — While numerous industries are rapidly adopting artificial intelligence, one of the largest — the massive healthcare sector — has been struggling. AI for healthcare presents unprecedented opportunities, with a study indicating it can save lives and reduce healthcare cost by up to $360 billion a year in the United States alone.

But a series of challenges unique to healthcare have stood in the way — until now. CloudMedx, a team of top engineers, data scientists, doctors, and innovators, is developing the tools and technology to overcome the five biggest challenges for Healthcare AI:

“We’re thrilled to be able to deliver groundbreaking technology,” says Tashfeen Suleman, CEO of CloudMedx. “This is the ideal tool for enterprises that want to use the power of Large Language Models and Generative AI. The potential applications are endless — from revolutionizing financial operations to predicting outcomes and much more.”

The solution, part of the ONE Platform, is already up and running inside healthcare institutions, improving patient’s health, transforming operations and providing a tremendous competitive advantage.

The biggest generative AI challenges for healthcare

While generative AI has suddenly been getting a great deal of attention, tools like ChatGPT, Bard and other Large Language Models (LLMs) don’t work for the highly sensitive and specific field of healthcare.

For starters, they lack the specific, detailed, scientific knowledge and domain data that all stakeholders rely on. Imagine the repercussions of a tool believing junk science as legitimate information or data, for example. These technologies also tend to “hallucinate,” a term for confidently providing an answer that could be entirely wrong.

LLMs can also run privacy risks, as evidenced by what some businesses are currently going through. As an IT Brew headline put it, “Generative AI data leaks are a serious problem, experts say.”

And healthcare organizations need AI tools that will easily and quickly fit into their current workflows. Without this, implementing a new tool can require months of complex training for personnel and cause confusion, creating an additional burden.

The CloudMedx solution
CloudMedx is fine-tuning a healthcare domain specific LLM model, based on healthcare-specific data. The team puts it through rigorous testing for accuracy, and keeps it updated with new information. It is designed to keep all patient data proprietary and protected, so healthcare organizations don’t risk exposure. Once deployed in customer environments, it works entirely within a healthcare organization reducing data leaks and privacy issues. CloudMedx does not see any of the patient data.

CloudMedx has designed these tools with scale in mind and ease of use for enterprise healthcare organizations.  The tools are designed to integrate with the most popular technology systems for healthcare organizations, including Epic and Medicare’s Blue Button, and to deploy on the cloud systems that most healthcare organizations use: Google, Microsoft and Amazon. The tools are also designed to scale easily as healthcare needs increase and healthcare organizations grow.

Crucially, the tools keep humans in charge of healthcare decisions. By cutting back on waste, delays and other problems that bog down the healthcare system, CloudMedx is freeing healthcare providers to spend less time on administrative work and more time doing what they want to do most: deliver care. The results include improved outcomes for patients; more time for healthcare providers to focus on treating patients; lowered costs for all stakeholders; on-time payments, and more.

“This is the ideal technology for enterprises that want to use the power of LLMs and AI in a way that’s accurate, secure, specific, presents no disrupting in workflow, and won’t crash,” says Sahar Arshad, co-founder and chief operating officer of CloudMedx. “It’s a real game changer.”

About CloudMedx: CloudMedx Inc. is transforming healthcare delivery using Artificial Intelligence, giving patients, providers and payers actionable insights on their data so they can improve care and outcomes. CloudMedx automates healthcare processes by providing a “Healthcare In a Box” that aggregates siloed data into a single Unified Data Platform with a powerful suite of APIs and Apps across operational, clinical and financial workflows. The company’s data platform collects and organizes vast amounts of information from public and proprietary sources, including clinical, social, and economic insights. With powerful data visualizations, predictive analytics, interoperable tools and a suite of application services. CloudMedx provides unified patient records, unprecedented understandings of health data in various populations, and automated workflows, yielding superior outcomes. Learn more at, and see CloudMedx executives’ thought leadership published by Forbes, MIT Sloan Management Review, Nasdaq, the World Economic Forum and more at


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