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Aggregation, Automation and AI, it's all in there.

We’ve simplified decision making for patients, providers, and payers with a single powerful platform. Clinical, operations and financial results are coordinated and delivered like never before.

  • Operations Explorer

    (Workflow Automation)

    • Automated Authorizations
    • Automated Command Center
    • Surge Prediction / ER Utilization
    • Demand / Capacity Management

  • Clinical Explorer

    (Population Health)

    • Rapid Risk Stratification
    • Automated Care Coordination
    • Close Gaps in Care
    • Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Financial Explorer

    (Cost Analytics)

    • Risk Adjustment
    • Automated Registries
    • Automated VBC Reporting
    • Ratings and Benchmarks

  • Patient Explorer

    (Patient Engagement)

    • Gaps Closure and Scheduling
    • Patient Health Record
    • Automated Human Outreach
    • Price Transparency


  • Data

  • Data

  • Workflow

  • Data


Robotic Process Automation & Enhancement

EMR & Ecosystem Integration

  • EMRs

  • Claims

  • Labs

  • Conditions

  • Pharmacy

  • Doctor Notes

  • Wearables

  • Demographics and SDOH

  • Administrative data

  • Costs

  • Medicare

  • Commercial Payers

  • Partners

  • 3rd Party Systems

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Operational

  • Improved
    Quality of Care

  • Cost

  • Better
    Patient Engagement

Healthcare-Trained AI
Powered by Hyper Graph

Validated Model for 20+ Chronic Conditions

  • 1M Nodes

    real-world data

  • 150M+ Data

    Diagnosis, labs,
    meds, etc.

  • Adverse


  • Resource


ONE brings it all together:

The ONE Platform More Details

Healthcare in a Box:

How it Fits

The ONE Platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems. It’s an extension of the way providers, payers and even patients collaborate. The ONE Platform is also the foundation for our complete line of products. We offer a range of APIs and Apps that live on top adding incredible power and functionality.

Our Products
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  • The ONE Platform

    For a connected health platform

  • Operations Explorer

    For risk assessment, scenario planning and resource optimization

  • Clinical Explorer

    For optimal care delivery

  • Financial Explorer

    For cost analytics and quality reporting

  • Patient Explorer – Ask Sophie

    For Better Engagement via Outreach & Personalization

  • Chronic Conditions Explorer

    For cost of care analysis and chronic conditions management

  • SDOH Explorer

    For SDOH and impact analysis

  • COVID Command Center

    For surge prediction, AI triage, and critical decisioning

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    The ONE Platform

    A health data mesh

    ONE provides a connected health platform to its partners. Our health data mesh is powered by APIs, data integration capabilities, and suite of platform services and interoperable tools in order to enhance your existing applications and care delivery workflows.


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    Operations Explorer

    For risk assessment, scenario planning and resource optimization


    We enable out of the box automation that assists with ER Flow Management, Surge Prediction, Staffing Needs, Demand & Capacity Management, Prior Authorizations, Scheduling and Back-office support.


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    Clinical Explorer

    For Optimal Care Delivery


    The Clinical Explorer assesses patient records to provide clinicians, nurses, and front line staff with insight to improve outcomes. It goes beyond to triage and connects patients to providers.



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    Financial Explorer

    Cost Analytics and Quality Reporting


    The Financial Explorer is an augmentation tool for coders and billers that provides the necessary alerts to manage medical coding, thereby dramatically speeding up the process. This provides a consistent and transparent view of the financial opportunities and risks to the organization.


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    Patient Explorer – Ask Sophie

    For Better Engagement via Outreach & Personalization


    Discover customer behaviors and optimize engagement based on the customer’s individual needs.


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    Chronic Conditions Explorer

    A visual insights tool for cost of care analysis and chronic conditions management

    The CloudMedx CCE tool provides analytics for over 20 chronic conditions, including: risks, disease prevalence, cost, hospitalizations, readmissions, SDOH, and other factors. It also recommends best practices at local and regional levels.


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    SDOH Explorer

    A visual analytics tool for SDOH and its Impact Analysis

    The tool assists with identifying high risk regions in terms of various social determinants of health. It generates insights and correlations between disease burden and social determinants of health, income level, costs and other risk factors.


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    COVID Command Center

    For surge prediction, AI triage, and critical decisioning


    We’re utilizing multiple components of our AI platform to organize large amounts of COVID-related data from public and proprietary sources in order to create essential insights and inform high-level strategic decision making.


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