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Coding Analyzer to Improve Patient Records for Medsphere

CloudMedx is now working with CareVue, Medsphere’s EHR platform, to give streamlined access to help providers make sense of a world of patient data. Adding AI as a standard, harmonized function helps fulfill the potential of EHRs and increase operational efficiency in healthcare. 

Before working with CloudMedx, data coders had to manually enter information, which not only took time, but also left room for more errors. In order to make the coding process faster and more accurate, CloudMedx suggested integrating with their AI Insights Coding Analyzer. The Coding Analyzer is an augmentation tool for coders and billers that provides the necessary alerts to manage medical coding, thereby dramatically speeding up the process.

With unprecedented access to data, CareVue can now use structured and unstructured data from core patient records to improve the care process and communicate with other integral departments. 

See how these two companies are paving the way towards better patient outcomes.