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In C19 Privilege, we combine disparate data that is publicly available with client’s datasets in a password protected dashboard that is only accessible by clients. This combines the powerful models customized to each client’s unique datasets and geographies to assist them in their decision making process using visualizations to these complex scenarios.

The C19 Privileged tool aims to improve operational efficiency by:

  • Monitoring Regional Trends: Predicting surges, disease hot zones, areas to avoid
  • Information on joblessness, economic key performance indicators, and social determinants of health
  • Capacity planning, resource allocation, and staffing – “where to open office, when, how”, “where to place vaccination pods, when, how” along with how they can be adjusted for surge
  • Data on vaccination efforts within your own organization, member/patient/state/county population.
  • Return to work Scenario Builder and Mobilization: A centralized dashboard that assists with resource mobilization, personnel movement, and staged return to work scenarios to protect the at-risk population