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CloudMedx has partnered with some of the biggest healthcare providers to help business leaders, politicians, and healthcare professionals make data-driven decisions in real-time. 

Our purpose-built, highly adaptable Socioeconomic Insight Tools align massive amounts of data to provide location-specific or scenario-specific insights that drive action. 

With the ability to deploy, streamline, and optimize the ability to make quicker, more informed decisions, CloudMedx equips policymakers to provide better future outcomes. 

We offer the following products for policymakers that provide automated data aggregation from 100s of different sources, rich insights from nationwide data around social determinants of health, chronic condition prevalence and cost of care, COVID-19 transmission and vaccine administration. 

Most of the tools listed above are available to the public and decision makers free of charge. All of these also come with a privilege version that provides access to organizations to upload their own data privately with access to only people they specify. The privilege version provides insights, report generation capabilities, as well as ability to model scenarios for future prediction.