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Tashfeen Suleman (Co-Founder And CEO CloudMedx) At DocSF2018 During JPM2018

by CloudMedx
January 7, 2018

Tashfeen Suleman at a panel discussion @DocSF2018 during J.P. Morgan Health Conference 2018

About DocSF

DOCSF was created to bridge the worlds of digital health and clinical orthopedics and thereby catalyze the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care.

Why orthopedics? We believe that embedding digital technologies in a narrow integrated vertical is more likely to affect change than targeting one fifth of the U.S. economy. We also believe that if a conference is to move the ball forward, it needs to target leaders who are positioned to drive change.

These leaders want a conference that is practical, identifies solutions to real problems, and that provides perspective from people outside their normal circle. To this end we invite Health Care, Industry, Finance, Entrepreneurs and Payers to participate.

The DOCSF program design uses many educational formats including ‘case studies’ to illustrate success and a broad panel of experts to ask tough questions.

And lastly, because change does not happen in a vacuum, we include leadership, policy and design segments in the program. Put it all together and you see that DOCSF is a truly unique event, which is why we stream it live.