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Meet the Top Woman Data Leader of the Year, Sahar Arshad

The world’s largest event on gender imbalance in tech recognizes the CloudMedx COO for supporting lives and healthy communities

CloudMedx, the Artificial Intelligence platform turning vast amounts of information into critical insights for the healthcare industry, is thrilled to announce a new honor for its cofounder and COO Sahar Arshad. The Women in IT Summit & Awards Series, billed as the world’s largest event dedicated to tackling the technology’s gender imbalance, has selected her as U.S. Data Leader of the Year.


Arshad “has demonstrated her commitment to supporting lives by building healthier communities through the power of data,” the program said. CloudMedx has been working with business, government and healthcare leaders as well as the public to pull information into a single easy to access system, so “all stakeholders were better served and were able to make more informed decisions in response to the pandemic and ongoing changes. This technology has been used in innovative ways and will continue to evolve beyond the pandemic, providing views of other infectious diseases, socially vulnerable populations, and more. Our judges see great potential here.” 


“I’m grateful for this honor, and for the recognition of CloudMedx’s work on crucial healthcare initiatives during the pandemic,” Arshad said. “I also thank the Women in IT Summit & Awards for calling attention to the growing contributions of women across all fields of technology.” 


CloudMedx cofounder and CEO Tashfeen Suleman said, “We could not be any more proud of Sahar, who is leading not just CloudMedx but also the entire healthcare sector in unprecedented data collection efforts. Sahar, her team, and the rest of our staff are committed to revolutionizing access to information for providers, patients, and everyone else.”


The award follows a series of other honors for Arshad, including recently being named among the top 10 women leading healthcare startups by Healthcare Global and the top 25 women leaders in consumer healthtech by The Healthcare Technology Report.